BANDINGO® is the Original Music Bingo, and years after its inception, has evolved into a full-blown, interactive GAME SHOW! There are showdowns and face-offs,with so many prizes to be won in two hours! Our game is always free to play(unless it is a fundraiser)! Emcee Johnny G and his talented team of BANDINGO® hosts and entertainers know what brings people back week after week. You may have played "Music Bingo" before, but if it was not BANDINGO®, it was NOT the original! We started with paper and ink daubers, and now introduce our eco-friendly hosting platform- DIGITAL DABS®, where players can now DAB away and play on their phone or wifi-connected tablet to help save trees! Do you own a bar or restaurant? Are you an entertainer, trivia host, or DJ? Or do you just want to throw a unique party for you and your friends? Our DIGITAL DABS® is the most streamlined, cost-effective, comprehensive and user-friendly MUSIC BINGO subscription service around! With almost 5000 songs in our music vault making up 90 different genres/playlists/games, you could host The Original BANDINGO® MUSIC BINGO every week for a whole year and never host the same game! Our game is more than just #musicbingo We can teach you how Music Bingo is SUPPOSED to be! We provide a turn-key entertainment package featuring three tiers: BANDINGO® Certified- Gold- details coming soon BANDINGO® Certified- Platinum- details coming soon BANDINGO® Certified- Diamond- details coming soon Feel free to call the Original BANDINGO® man himself for more information: Johnny Ginn, 727-420-2492