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BANDINGO®, THE Original MUSIC BINGO, is an interactive gameshow and the most popular #GameNight in Tampa Bay! Attention DJs/TRIVIA HOSTS: WANT TO BRING SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO YOUR NEXT EVENT OR PARTY? We PROVIDE EVERYTHING you need to make it happen, captain! We are ready to go! Are YOU? Our game is more fun than a typical trivia night. The Original BANDINGO®️ MUSICAL BINGO even has a Host HANDBOOK with entertainment Pro Tips! Host it at bars, restaurants, private parties, corporate events, cocktail hours at weddings! It wins for any event! Do you own a bar or restaurant? Are you an entertainer, trivia host, or DJ? Or do you just want to throw a unique party for you and your friends? Our DIGITAL DABS® is the most streamlined, cost-effective, comprehensive and user-friendly MUSIC BINGO subscription service around! Anyone can use it! With almost 5000 songs in our music vault making up nearly 100 different genres/playlists/games, you could host The Original BANDINGO® MUSICAL BINGO every week for a whole year and never host the same game! Our game is more than just #musicbingo. Sure, anybody can play songs and verify a winner on a BINGO card. but not everybody can make it fun. We have it down to a science. Please read our reviews on social media! We are complete Turn Key! All you need is your equipment that you already have (we can help you streamline that as we are consultants too), and a great attitude! Emcee Johnny G and his talented team of BANDINGO® hosts and entertainers know what brings people back week after week. You may have played "Music Bingo" before, but if it was not BANDINGO®, it was NOT the original! We started with paper and ink daubers, and now introduce our eco-friendly hosting platform- DIGITAL DABS®, where players can now DAB away and play on their phone or tablet to help save trees! Feel free to call the Original BANDINGO® man himself for more information: Johnny Ginn, 727-420-2492




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