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The Dynamic Duo


The FIRST BANDINGO® host we ever hired is our long-time friend Amanda becaused she loved playing so much.  She then roped Joe in it and he is your game show host on Wednesdays at Grassroots St Pete!  Joe loves to frequent Kava bars and go for a run when he isn't doing top-secret stuff. His wife Amanda is the bomb and they are a fun pair when hosting together, known as the Dynamic Duo. 



We don't have a picture of our good friend Jason, who runs his own trivia outfit called Electric Trivia and is a really fun BANDINGO host WHEN HE ISN'T SAVING civilians from danger. We aren't sure if he wants us to reveal what his real job is.  Feel free to ask him yourself...if you can find him.  He seems to have disappeared. Dude is so funny, and smart! That's a dangerous combo.  



DJ B hosts BANDINGO® in Valrico on Mondays and Wednesdays at Raccoon’s Bar and Grill and JF Kicks, respectively.  He is a professional wedding and party DJ since way back when, and he really enjoys getting the crowd engaged and having fun.  The dude is solid people.



Surprisingly, DJ John and Emcee Johnny G, both around the same age, were born and raised in St Pete, and never knew each other growing up, but definitely crossed paths in the late 80s and early 90s at some "Keggers" in the Burg. DJ John Diorio has been rocking the people of Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco Counties for years. Also a wedding and event DJ,  you can catch him at Overtime Sports Bar and Grill in Hudson on Mondays.



His motto is Creative Energy. Self-proclaimed the most unique and engaging entertainer of our time, Johnny is proof that ADHD is a gift! The creator of the Original BANDINGO is aloof and unpredictable yet he is highly aware of all that is going on around him. There is no Emcee quite like the OG. 

Catch him if you can at Whiskey Wings Oldsmar on Tuesdays(7p), Twisted Tiki St Pete Beach on Wednesdays(7p), and CJ's Backstage on Mondays (330p).



Chris is amazing.  He used to dance in theatre productions in and around Broadway for 20 years.  He is so full of life and watch out because his hearty laugh is infectious! He just loves hosting BANDINGO for music lovers in Dunedin every Wednesday and Thursday at Pi Pizza and Cricketers Pub, respectively(both starting at 730pm).  He does love himself some Rollercoasters, for real!


mike & joanna

We call him Magic Mike. One reason is because his "dad jokes" don't ever land, but everyone still LOVES HIM no matter what!  Recently married to Joanna, he just got a new job working for candy company Perfetti Van Melle, and he seriously is the sweetest guy around! Join him and his lovely wife who's always spinnin the stacks of wax at Paddywagon's Dunedin on Tuesdays and Salty Nun on Wednesdays!


nick at nite

When Johnny worked at KILO FM in Colorado Springs this guy used to call in and request songs all the time.  According to Johnny, Nick sounded "interesting" and decided to make him a regular part of his radio show, eventually teaming up to prank Nick's grandma on occasion.  Together they are Double Trouble at Whiskey Wings Oldsmar on Tuesdays(7p) tearing up the tacos!  Catch Nick At Nite solo during the Sunday Funday Partay on the Patio at The Landing Bar and Grill in Valrico(2p).


tony & martina

A man with a whimsical mix of top-shelf grooviness and  inspiring theatrical genes, by day Tony works hard to not go postal, and at night he works his handiness in heading you to Happyland, taking you on a three-hour Tuesday tour of Our Bar and slicing Stromboli’s on Thursdays at Category 36 TAPHOUSE & Kitchen. Martina is amazing, funny, and the best thing to ever happen to him*

*This has all been proven to be true.

JOHNNY NO 9_edited.jpg

mike d

Mike D is a dedicated family man with a regular job, but knew hosting BANDINGO would uplift him and he knew it would bring joy to others. No stranger to a microphone, this stud used to tour worldwide with bands and sure is a lot of fun as he ushers in the unexpected and keeping you on our toes at Slyce in St Pete Beach on Wednesdays(7p) and Indian Rocks Beach every Tuesday(7p).


missy & chris

Missy and her husband Chris, aka Emcee Mystical and DJ Zzillo, are rockin' the Tuesday nights at OCC Roadhouse in Pinellas Park hosting BANDINGO (where kids eat free that night); Also find them AT OUR NEWEST SPOT ON MONDAYS AT JJ'S MARKET AND DELI 5PM;  Wednesdays & Thursdays at The Lake 85 in Palm Harbor hosting Bandingo and Team Trivia, respectively. Along with their sidekick/son, CJ Shazam, they also host Karaoke  in the Tampa Bay area!  

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